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With Pulpstream you can:

✓ Digitize case lifecycle management
✓ Intake any kind of data
✓ Manage cases anywhere, anytime
✓ Visually customize anything
✓ Deliver real-time data

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Unlock Measurable Efficiencies  

"The automatic notifications, real time reporting, and visually friendly organizing system that Pulpstream offers has helped us significantly cut down on tedious tasks, identify patterns, and deliver accurate information at all times.” 
Jose L. Garcia 
Executive Director of Human Resources

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Accelerate case handling with dynamic process fragments

Modularize your business processes to add agility to case resolution. Resolve unplanned events with ad hoc reports, role-based privileges, or predetermined events. Enable ad hoc actions to adapt direction of your case at any point in your process.

Contextually route your workforce

Use cues such as location, skills, or case status to distribute work. Or guide the case lifecycle with round robin scheduling. Adapt within the context of available resources and your industry requirements.

Empower workers with smart case ownership

Clear up any confusion about who owns what. Assign case ownership manually or automatically based on role, skills, location, or name recognition. See ownership at glance. Get things done faster.

Set and escalate milestones

Every case is unique. Set milestones to track progress toward case resolution. See milestones in the context of the case. Automatically flag subprocesses that are not on track. Automate SMS, email, or in-app reminders to trigger overdue deliverable completion.

Reuse templates to save time

Optimize your business processes as you identify replicable patterns. Create process templates based on existing cases to duplicate efficient methods. Seamlessly transfer knowledge of best practices.

Login once for unprecedented transparency

Login once to see every case detail on one screen. Email documents to a case to link them. Find anything with a search. Unify all comments, records, and data. Never waste time looking for files or emails again.