A transformative solution to unify risk management systems

The ecosystem to control all risk management processes

Control all risk management processes with one platform

Centralize all records, documents, and communications

Easily find any document or record in your system with a search. Use mobile devices or web browsers to see and update the status of any process in your organization.

Leverage real-time performance analytics

Monitor and manage performance data to develop business intelligence and predictive analytics. Don’t wait for a report. See real-time data about any of your unique processes. Zoom out to see global data trends. Zoom in to see process details.

real time performance metrics to forecast, manage, and mitigate risk for enterprises

Consolidate systems to seamlessly track, analyze, and mitigate risk

Login once to manage all data, documents, communications, and risk programs in your multi-location operation

Identify root causes and recommend strategic solutions

Leverage photographic evidence, documents, and real-time data to determine exposure and identify improvements.

Drive the transformation needed to achieve ERM objectives

Prepare for changes in workforce and technology with a fully-customizable platform that adapts with your business. Empower colleagues to use mobile devices to create and upload secure documents to the cloud.

Automate reminders for corrective actions, renewals, and audits

Prevent items from slipping through the cracks. Use SMS or email to remind stakeholders that actions need to be taken.

Unleash your distributed workforce with native mobile power


Reduce costs

Stop using paper. Sketch on a touch screen to record observations.


Digitize forms

Make all forms available on mobile. Attach photos, notes, or any document.


Attach evidence

Guide employees through efficient assessment and inspection workflows.


Work anywhere

Enable productivity anywhere in the world with a mobile device—even offline.

Administer health & safety programs

Create assessments, inspections, and reports about health and safety programs across your multi-location operation. Recommend corrective actions if needed.

Maintain high standards of organization for all stakeholders

Seamlessly unify every component of your risk management programs to easily develop insights and transfer knowledge.

Lay a stable foundation for future generations—in weeks

The Pulpstream platform integrates with any system to expand operations year over year. Every process is 100% customizable. Enable productivity on any device, including iOS, Android, Microsoft Surface and web browsers (HTML5).

Supervise billing, claims, and staff

Give stakeholders unique access portals on any screen, anywhere, on any device. Enable distributed workforces to do their job outside of the office, even when offline.

Oversee workers compensation, return-to-work, and insurance policies

Anchor your team with a powerful platform to keep everyone healthy. See the status of any case at a glance, from open to close.

Enhance efficacy with mobile devices

Use mobile devices to record observations, recommend improvements, and more. Use iOS, Android, Microsoft Surface or web. Manage all aspects of risk with one platform.

Visually customize any work stream

Change processes on the fly with the visual designer, as policies, regulations, and technologies evolve. Whether your team lead is technical or not, they can use our visual designer to optimize process logic. Never have to maintain multiple code bases again.

Build a custom Risk Management Information System for your unique business requirements

Your Pulpstream RMIS can control:

• Inspection and audit records
• Contracts for staff and vendors
• Property, vehicle, or any asset details, such as VINs, accident histories, and registration
• Incident or accident reports, with witness statement and injury diagrams  *on a mobile device!
• Employee information, such as drivers license numbers, insurance, and history
• Insurance certificates and policy information
• Workers compensation and insurance claims
• Safety drill information
• Loss surveys, risk assessments and loss reports
• Any type of data in a multi-location operation

Activities you can do with a Pulpstream RMIS:

• Create any type of report for any stakeholder
• Update / change/ add any type of information without administrator support!
• Track progress on any type of case, claim, or record
• Make notes on a case about information with a mobile device
• Attach photos, .pdfs, or other forms to any record
• Email attachments to the record
• Create decision matrices to make informed decisions
• Notify interested parties when a follow up is needed
• Communicate internally about activities in an intuitive social feed
• Filter and search to find records
• Automate reminders about renewals or follow ups
• Create any type of work Stream!
• Use mobile devices to complete work in the field
• Deliver a solution as unique as your business

Why Pulpstream

  • Optimize business processes without writing a line of code
  • Deploy a solution for all divisions and lines of business in 4 weeks or less
  • Seamlessly integrate with core systems
  • Automate repetitive tasks for unprecedented efficiency
  • Enable your current and future team to continuously improve year over year 

Which processes could you streamline?