Captive Insurance Process Management Software

Stream work to your multi-location workforce through desktop web browsers, tablets, and cell phones, anytime, anywhere.

Claims Management

From intake to settlement, Pulpstream unifies all aspects of captive claims management. Streamline operations with digital:

  • Claims portals
  • Initial review processes and determinations
  • Correspondence management
  • Expense and payments tracking
  • Detailed loss run reports
  • Custom claims analytics

Policy Underwriting Management

Manage all policy underwriting processes with one cloud-based platform, including:

  • Policy Requests
  • Premium and State Tax calculations based on rate tables
  • Branded document generation
  • Change management for endorsements additional insureds
  • Certificate generation

Use Pulpstream to:

✔ Onboard clients
✔ Automate annual claims review scheduling
✔ File annual regulatory reports
✔ Report quarterly financial data
✔ Manage claims lifecycles
✔ Engage clients
✔ Conduct captive feasibility studies
✔ Provide custom views and work streams for stakeholders
✔ Access work streams anytime, anywhere, on any device

Tailor member, consultant, and broker portals

Streamline business processes for captive insurance companies of all sizes. Use role-specific dashboards to optimize business processes, including risk assessments, policy management, and loss run reports.  Guide clients and colleagues through the sequence of activities that bolsters your risk mitigation strategies.

Customize process logic. No coding required.

Change processes on the fly with the visual designer, as policies, regulations, and technologies evolve. Whether your team lead is technical or not, they can use our visual designer to optimize process logic. Our work Stream Designer™  empowers business and IT to redefine processes without writing a line of code. It’s BPMN compliant to facilitate seamless knowledge transfers.


Integrate systems

Use our API to seamlessly connect to your existing information storage systems. Keep what’s working. Retire what’s obsolete. Be prepared for future technologies.


Continuously improve

Empower your team to collaborate in real time. Update processes as new policies are created to stay in sync across geographies.


Automate compliance

Pulpstream can automatically generate any type of report in .pdf form to keep your team compliant with all policies and regulations.


Modernize FASTER

Leverage SMS, photos, sketching, and geolocation to increase accuracy. Create assessments, investigations, and more with any mobile device.

Trusted Across Industries

Lay a stable foundation for future generations—in weeks not months

The Pulpstream platform integrates with any system to expand operations year over year. Every process is 100% customizable. Enable productivity on any device, including iOS, Android, Microsoft Surface and web browsers (HTML5).

Empower team leaders

Enable brokers to manage policies for new and existing members. Seamlessly collaborate with external vendors, consultants, and risk managers. Manage annual allocations and all stakeholder assignments. Watch productivity increase.

Dramatically reduce policy issuance time

Streamline assessment reports, policy holder profile information, and all process details into one digital work stream.

Securely access data anytime, anywhere, with any device

Create a searchable database of incidents, assessments, policies, and litigation record. Access it online or offline. Empower your team to be productive anywhere, any time.

Manage all task allocations and expense reimbursements

Enable consultants to submit field reports and file expenses with cell phones, tablets, or laptops. Automate the scheduling of annual claims reviews.

Stabilize digital culture at all offices

Guide your distributed workforce through the precise workflow your strategy requires to deliver value, no matter where they are or what device they use.

Mobilize your workforce