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Process Digitization

Modernize your work environment with Pulpstream, the most powerful platform for streamlining business processes. We empower companies to design and deliver native mobile and web workflow solutions—in weeks. Our process-centric, low-code platform coalesces work activities into digitized work streams that flow from the cloud to customer devices. Accelerate your digital transformation with our Process Digitizer. Easily organize the activities in your digital process Stream. Painlessly transfer knowledge to colleagues.

Forms that work everywhere

Unleash the power of your multi-location operation with Pulpstream. Customers use Pulpstream’s device-agnostic application development platform to make any form available in any environment. Digitize paper-based tasks such as loss control surveys, visual inspections, risk assessments, incident investigations, and insurance claim case management. Make any form available on mobile devices with Pulpstream. Reimagine your work environment.

Mobile applications that run online and offline

Empower your team to use mobile devices to accelerate progress on any business objective. Even if your colleague is in an area without cell service, Pulpstream enables them to be productive. The Pulpstream Mobile Client Accelerator makes a wide range of user experiences available on iOS, Android, Microsoft Surface or web (HTML5). 

Code-free changes

Once a solution is live, any system integration or workflow can be customized in real time with Pulpstream’s Visual Integration Configurer. Drag and drop graphical representations of data, routines, protocols, or tools to configure a system integration. Retire legacy systems. Or use web services such as REST or SOAP to push and pull information from the systems of record you’d like to keep. Design a business process management control center that’s as unique as your business.

Digital signatures

Make any digital document a legally-binding contract with electronic signatures. Capture witness and stakeholder signatures on mobile devices with our eSignature features. Remain compliant with all relevant company and government policies, while reducing the risk of future litigation costs. Pulpstream proudly partners with AdobeSign and DocuSign to provide this feature.

Code-free rules engine

Create business logic that guides your colleagues through the most efficient work Stream. Define, test, and execute policies and work processes without asking a programmer for help. Our intuitive user interface enables line of business leaders to visually change Stream definitions in real time. Enable your company to adapt to changes in policy, technology, or workforce expectations. Deliver operational agility and resilience.

Decision matrices

Evaluate all your options to make smarter decisions about what to prioritize with a visual decision matrix. Define your criterion or import an evaluation criteria template. See the relationships between different data sets and score each one to weigh your opportunities. Use data to justify a case for an action. Achieve success in your target market.

enterprise record management on mac

Evolve your work culture with a solution as unique as your enterprise 

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Easily Manage Data, Imports and Exports

Dissolve data silos across your organization to increase transparency and accountability. Normalize data inside the Pulpstream Analytics Engine to eliminate redundant systems of record. Or import and export data from existing systems of record to gradually phase in your digital transformation. Easily manage your data with visualizations that are tailored to the type of insights you need to measure performance and make intelligent decisions.

Make Access Portals for Employees, Clients, and Partners

Reimagine the experiences your colleagues have with your software. Create unique portals for employees, clients, and partners. Control the forms and digital processes they can access based on security clearances. Add company branding to personalize the experience.

Build Roles and Profiles

Control what kind of information your colleagues access with roles and profiles. Create user profiles to restrict access to your processes. Give access to forms, integrations, or any part of the system on an individual profile basis. Or set access based on a role. Administer what colleagues can do in your Pulpstream engine.

Customers across industries trust us 

Continuously improve year-over-year with data 

Consolidate records to boost productivity   

• Spend less time looking for records
• See all linked records and data on the same screen
• Identify the status of any item at a glance
• Increase transparency and accountability for stakeholders
• Streamline knowledge transfers between colleagues

Get real-time performance analytics

• Present robust insights about any process in your business
• Leverage custom data visualizations to build predictive analytics models
• Zoom out to see macro trends across your organization
• Zoom into see granular data about a work process
• Empower your business leaders to make informed decisions

real time performance metrics to forecast, manage, and mitigate risk for enterprises

Dedicated customer support

We would not be in existence without our customers. We support customers at every step of the way, from system concept designs, to implementation, to problem resolution. We are dedicated to your success.

Platform as a Service

Our platform is designed to scale at the pace of your business. We service business of all sizes from single parent captive insurance companies to multinational enterprises. Adopt our platform for any business process in your company that needs to be streamlined. Phase in new work Streams to enhance productivity when your team is ready. Our customers pay per stream and number of users. Contact us to explore the ways we can optimize your business process management.

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