Optimize health and safety programs for your distributed workforce

One platform to manage all inspections, safety audits, and training programs

  • Powerful inspection capabilities
  • Capture photos to increase report accuracy
  • Assign corrective actions on the spot
  • File assessments and inspection reports in the field
  • Automate retraining reminders and monitor all trainings
  • Reduce barriers to report creation

Build a digital culture of safety that feels the same across all offices

Deliver technology that guides your distributed workforce through the precise workflow your program needs to remain compliant with all policies, no matter where they are or what device they use.

Customize any workflow with a visual process designer

Change workflows on the fly with the visual form designer as policies are updated. Whether your team lead is technical or not, they can use our drag-and-drop interface to manage relationships between work tasks, rules, and any data model.

Get real-time data about trends across divisions and locations

Leverage information to continuously improve operations. Get a 360° view of every assessment, investigation, or training in your business. Zoom out to view macro trends, or zoom in to see granular information about any event. Real-time reports provide the most accurate data for internal and external stakeholders.

Build a stable foundation for future innovation in weeks

The Pulpstream platform integrates with any system to expand operations, while laying a stable foundation for future technology acquisitions. Every process is 100% customizable. Our platform operates on any device, including iOS, Android, Microsoft Surface and web browsers (HTML5).

Monitor and track employee trainings by month, site, topic

Prevent litigation and reduce risk by tracking training programs. Automate training program reminders to keep employees up to date on all policies and best practices.

Securely access data anytime, anywhere, with any device

Deploy a custom business process management system in weeks for any line of business anywhere in the world. Unleash efficiencies for your distributed workforce with a platform that facilitates continuous improvement. Empower your current and future team to be productive any time of the day, whether they’re online or offline.

View a complete repository of all communications at a glance

Every record gets its own email address, enabling your team to consolidate all communications and attachments. Collaborate at every stage of the work task lifecycle in an activity feed.

Native mobile power


System integrations

Use our API to seamlessly connect to your existing information storage systems. Keep what’s working. Retire what’s obsolete. Be prepared for future technologies.


Continuous improvement

Empower your team to collaborate in real time. Update processes as new policies are created to stay in sync across geographies.


Modern capabilities

Leverage SMS, photos, sketching, and geolocation to increase accuracy. Create assessments, investigations, and more with any mobile device.


Automated compliance

Pulpstream can create any type of report, including OSHA 300A, OSHAS 18001, RIDDOR, WCB, and CSA Z100.

Intuitive organization

Find all the forms for your work process in a feed.

Precise info fields

Increase accuracy of on-site information gathering.

Supply cost reduction

Sketch on digital documents to capture information.

Task monitoring

See all owner and activity details at a glance.

Why Pulpstream

  • Design and build device-agnostic business processes without writing a line of code
  • Deploy a fully-customizable platform for all divisions and lines of business in 4 weeks or less
  • Seamlessly integrate with your core systems using web services, including REST and SOAP
  • Automate repetitive tasks such as OSHA report generation for unprecedented efficiency
  • Pre-schedule audits, and work task reminders, so nothing slips through the cracks
  • Enable your current and future team to continuously improve with data 
  • Create safer, healthier environments, year over year

Which processes could you streamline?