The Pulpstream platform activates digital transformation with features that accelerate productivity in distributed workforces.

Custom business processes

Visually create business process streams that interact with your system of records. Easily configure integrations to connect with constituents across geographies. Use SMS push notifications and human tasks to accelerate your stream velocity.

Seamless integration with Salesforce

Access all your process streams from your Salesforce interface. Manage customer onboarding, deal approval, and customer care processes, as well as accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

Work stream accessibility anywhere on any device

Work streams are cross-platform compatible to enable business process interactions anywhere at anytime. Collaborate with your team about a stream on iOS, Android, Microsoft Surface, or web. We also offer offline data syncing for limited connectivity environments.

Secure record and document management

Pulpstream maintains a complete database of stream records, associated tasks, and documentation in a secure, web-based portal. See data about an entire process flow from task initiation to completion. Then identify operational efficiencies to continuously improve your enterprise.

Automated policies and processes

Easily map out and define approval and completion processes to improve your operations. Visually calibrate your rules engine to optimize decision making during interactions with external systems.

Field employee activation

Pulpstream’s rule engine triggers team members to respond to processes and policies with the type of notifications they expect from a mobile experience. Monitor activities and assignments with engagement solutions that keep your team operating at high velocity.

Integrated social collaboration

Not all interactions fit into a form, process, or database. Pulpstream offers a complete social collaboration environment in which natural discussions can take place in real time. Scroll through your activity feed to see assignments, converse about corrective actions, and engage with your team.

API access to system of records

Use our API for inbound and outbound access to your information storage systems. Release data from silos to unlock efficiencies.

eSign legally-binding documents

Pulpstream enables you to use DocuSign and EchoSign to electronically capture signatures for legally-sensitive documents on mobile devices. Accelerate transaction completion time with eSign functionality.

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