Capture, Track & Resolve Incidents Across Your Distributed Enterprise

The Pulpstream incident management app captures incidents of different types such as property damage and injuries with a native mobile and web environment that works both online as well as offline.

Out solution can capture all aspects of the incidents with intuitive data capturing tools such as uploading photos and sketching on body and situation diagrams. You can also take witness statements, complete employee reports and prepare supervisor reports. Pulpstream's Echosign and Docusign integrations enable your field team to obtain electronic signatures on employee and witness statements.

Pulpstream's dynamic business process capability allows incident owners to create custom business processes for additional information recording.

Incidents from across your business entities are rolled up to enable the corporate team to have a 360 degree view of all the incidents and their resolution status.

Customers Trust Us

Central Garden fully streamlines incident reporting across their 40 locations using Pulpstream.

"Pulpstream has brought visibility and new efficiency in our incident reporting"
– Robin Coyne, Director of Risk

Strengthen OSHA, EPA and ISO Compliance

Incident Capture

Fully Customizable Investigation Process

Runtime Process Change

Capture Photos & Body Sketches

Rule Based Triggering

Native Mobile Application to Work Online & Offline

Escalations & SMS Notifications

Standardize Incident Reporting

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