Remove Paper & Cut Costs by Automating the Inspection and Recommendation Process

Pulpstream brings new efficiencies to insurance carriers and inspection companies by fully automating the loss control process.

Pulpstream automates the process starting from inspection ordering to routing and recommendation writing. Companies can cut the cost associated with management of job queues, assignments, and follow ups.

A built in recommendation database allows inspectors to create recommendations based on a master list.

Pulpstream Analytics delivers a visual dashboard of risk patterns across inspections and your client base, enabling you to see the status of all inspections, along with data intelligence such as average completion time, stuck inspections and routing efficiencies.

Customer Spotlight

"Captive Resources is fully digitizing their loss control process using mobile and web and efficiently routing requests across 200 independent consultants."
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Scheduling, assignment and queue management for keeping inspection jobs organized.

Recommendation review and follow-up processes for tracking and reporting on recommendation compliance.

Android and iOS based apps for inspectors to increase data collection efficiency and accuracy with photos, diagrams and geo-location mapping.

Generate custom alert reports and recommendation letters.

Assign inspection tasks based on routing rules, such as zip code and skills sets or your custom combination.

Integrate with policy management systems for ordering and receiving final reports.

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