One platform to rule all business processes

Power your enterprise with web and mobile solutions

enterprise applications for ios

Exceed productivity goals with enterprise applications

• Mobilize workforces in multi-location operations
• Enable process consistency
• Modernize legacy workflows
• Meet new workforce culture expectations
• Stay within budget

Visually customize processes

• Work in linear workflows or dynamic streams
• Update work requirements in real time
• Push changes to all locations simultaneously
• Satisfy unique business requirements
• Bridge communication gaps between stakeholders with graphical Business Process Modeling and Notation

Use your preferred device

• Use iOS, Android, Microsoft Surface, and/or web (HTML5)
• Update your process; keep your devices
• Streamline operations in record time

Evolve your work culture with a solution as unique as your enterprise 

Digitize business process management

• Eliminate paper from your process to reduce costs
• Access solutions any time, anywhere, from any device
• Securely customize solutions across your cloud
• Bolster cognitive tasks and work analysis
• Enable productivity whether online or offline

enterprise record management on mac

Consolidate records to boost productivity   

• Spend less time looking for records
• See all linked records and data on the same screen
• Identify the status of any item at a glance
• Increase transparency and accountability for stakeholders
• Streamline knowledge transfers between colleagues

Continuously improve year-over-year  

Get real-time performance analytics

• Present robust insights about any process in your business
• Leverage custom data visualizations to build predictive analytics models
• Zoom out to see macro trends across your organization
• Zoom into see granular data about a work process
• Empower your business leaders to make informed decisions

real time performance metrics to forecast, manage, and mitigate risk for enterprises
enterprise applications for ios

Seamlessly integrate with any system

• Use graphical API mapping to unite legacy systems
• Fortify your business for changes in workforce, policies, and technologies
• Accelerate your digital transformation with technology that strengthens business & IT
• Use REST or SOAP to import or export from your databases
• Spend less time testing; deliver solutions as fast as you conceive them

Ready for operational agility?