Avoid Costly OSHA Penalties & Create a Safer Workplace

Identify safety issues across your workplaces and track corrective actions.

Letting issues goes undetected can lead to costly OSHA penalties and audits. Pulpstream helps companies avoid them by providing a platform to create and manage a complete safety inspection program.

Configure the platform to remind sites about self-inspections at predefined frequencies. Inspection reports are scored based on rules and assigned ratings.

Based on the grading, Pulpstream automatically distributes reports to appropriate parties and brings issues to attention, while avoiding costly compliance audits. Pulpstream's task management system fully tracks corrective action assignment and generates reports for safety committee meetings.

The Pulpstream data intelligence engine digs through the inspection data to find patterns that can be used to create corrective action processes and trigger automatic follow-ups.

Customers Trust Us

"Pulpstream has exceeded our expectations by providing a tool for the safety department to more efficiently and effectively monitor safety compliance on Branch projects."
- Danny Minnix, Director of Safety, The Branch Group


Eliminate Paper and Administrative time, giving safety officers opportunity to focus on safety

Completely manage inspection program along with roles and responsibilities

Automatic Assignment of inspection Job based on Routing Rules

Escalations and reminders based on Rules

Rules based pre-scheduling of follow-up inspections based on safety score

Integrate with System of records to push data into corporate dashboards

Track safety issues across job sites and measure effectiveness of corrective actions

Introduce ownership and accountability into inspection processes

Strengthen OSHA, EPA and ISO Compliance

Which processes could you streamline?