Streamline Filing Process and Cut Administration and Data Collection Costs by 40%

Streamline the Workers Comp Claims Process

The workers compensation resolution process is one of the most time consuming processes for every enterprise that has employees on at shop floor or in the field.

Pulpstream brings administrative activities into control by removing paper and PDF forms. Our solution digitally composes all the state specific documents that need to be signed by various parties.

Pulpstream provides a centralized repository to store all claim related correspondence and maintains an audit log with a reminder schedule to ensure timely completion of all activities.

With SMS and Email integrations, activity owners can be notified; and the process can be kept on track. A graphical dashboard provides a complete view of all claims and their milestones’ status.

Compliance assessments from different business entities are rolled up to enable your corporate team to have a 360-degree view of all compliance programs in your enterprise.

Customers Trust Us

"Pulpstream fully digitized our paper based manual process and tremendously increased productivity of our field officers through use of mobile interface. Overall the platform has brought significant visibility into our operations through better rollup of data and actionable intelligence."
-Chris Brady, Director of Risk – Kimco Staffing

Take Control of Your Compliance Program

Fully Customizable Claim Handling Process

State Specific Document Composition for Signing

Body Sketches & Photo Processing as Part of Investigation

Integration with Docusign and Echosign for Digital Signature

Claim Workers have Control of Process Flow Based on Claim Attribute

API Integration with TPAs for Final Claim Handling

Multi-process Support for Employee, Witness, Supervisor and Investigation Portion of Claim Handling

Manage All Claim Correspondence at One Place

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