Capture assessment surveys on your mobile device

Pulpstream brings new efficiency to insurance carriers and inspection companies.

Fully automate the loss control process starting from inspection ordering to routing and recommendation writing. Companies can cut the cost associated with management of job queues, assignments, and followups.

Built in recommendation database allows inspectors to create recommendations based on master list.

Pulpstream analytics will provide a visual dashboard of risk patterns across inspections and client base, status of various inspections and associated data intelligence on average completion time, stuck inspections and routing efficiencies.

Customer Spotlight

"Pulpstream fully digitized our paper based site assessment process and tremendously increased productivity of our field officers through use of mobile interface. Overall the platform has brought significant visibility into our operations through better rollup of data and actionable intelligence."

-Chris Brady, Director of Risk, Kimco Staffing


Automatically trigger new evaluation task when new client comes onboard.

Eliminate Paper and Administrative time, giving employees opportunity to focus on revenue creation activities.

Completely manage evaluation program along with roles and responsibilities.

Automatic Assignment of Job based on Routing Rules.

Rules based pre-scheduling of follow-up evaluations based on risk scoring.

Escalations and reminders based on Rules.

Integrate with System of records to push data into corporate dashboards.

Track risk patterns across client base and measure effectiveness of corrective actions.

Introduce ownership and accountability into site evaluation process.

Which processes could you streamline?